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View light sculpture ‘New Dawn’ in Westminster Hall

12 January 2017

Image of UK Parliament portcullis

Visitors to the Houses of Parliament can view the remarkable artwork ‘New Dawn’ in Westminster Hall.

'New Dawn' is a contemporary light sculpture by artist Mary Branson. An addition to the Parliamentary Art Collection, it is the first piece of abstract art commissioned for permanent display in the Palace of Westminster.

Revealed on 7 June 2016, 150 years to the day since the campaign for women’s votes began, this artwork in Westminster Hall celebrates all the individuals involved. ‘New Dawn’ is located above the entrance to St Stephen’s Hall, the site of many suffrage demonstrations as well as the route used for women coming to deliver petitions and lobby MPs.

Measuring over six metres high, the large scale of 'New Dawn' is intended to reflect the size of the suffrage campaign, and the unique hand-blown glass scrolls that make up its dawning sun reflect the many individuals who were involved in the movement and the special contribution they made to modern democracy.

Visit 'New Dawn'

Many visitors will view 'New Dawn' as they pass between Westminster Hall and Stephen's Hall. This is literally following in the footsteps of the thousands of campaigners who came to Parliament to fight for women’s right to the vote.

Visitors purchasing tickets for the audio tours and guided tours on Saturdays and most weekdays during parliamentary recesses will see also the artwork.

Image: 'New Dawn' and artist Mary Branson. Photo credit UK Parliament/Jessica Taylor.